Our Service

well LINKED is neither an advertising agency, nor a software developer. So, what are we? The answer is simple: both. And much more.

On the surface, we are a Full Service eBusiness agency. If you take a closer look, you will see that well LINKED holds a few surprises. We like appealing designs. But this is not enough. We also appreciate if things work smoothly. But something is still missing. We are striving for higher goals.

The perfect combination.

There is only one way to satisfy our need for perfection: combining marketing AND technology. We found our place in the middle, between these two, which are not mutually exclusive. That is what we do – we make them inseparable. With the mixed well LINKED double, the different but nonetheless equal partners conquer the market, the customers. The essential component of giving perfection a face. This applies to all our services – from online shop to product prototype.

Our driving force:

For new ideas – isn’t life great?

We think that the extra is always missing from the ordinary. We love new and unexpected adventures. This is why we are constantly looking for innovation – from the very first project step and even before the project starts. Just like a warm and fuzzy feeling that puts a smile on your face, creates a good sensation inside, plants new ideas in your head and lets your imagination run free to make the world a better place with your products.